Thrill the World: Portland – a plan, a location, a dance. All the details.

Hi ! Here’s the Thrill the World: Portland plan, for the next ten days:


As we did last year, we’re holding practices at Fremont UMC, 2620 NE Fremont in Portland. We’re grateful to FUMC for donating use of their space to us. The practices coming up are:

 Friday, October 21, from 6-8 pm – with Alan & Jamilah

Sunday, October 23, from 3-5 pm – with Schlyce

Friday, October 28, from 6-8 pm – with Alan & Jamilah

Saturday, October 29, from 1-3 pm – with Alan  —- this is a new addition to the practice schedule.

The practice on the 28th will have two sessions at once: Alan working with folks who want to practice the moves in sections, leading up performing the dance in full; while Jamilah works with folks who know the dance and want to run it straight through.   We will try to accomplish something similar on the practice on the 29th.
You do not need to RSVP to attend practice. You don’t need to attend every practice, or even any of them. Training videos are available online (youtube and if you want to practice on your own. We are going to have some amazing instructors for dance practice this year.


The official dance date, set by the Thrill the World organizers, is October 29th, at 7 pm. We’re going to dance at the basketball court at Irving Park, at 7th & NE Fremont in Portland. We need to register everyone who dances, so please arrive early. We’ll be at the courts by 5:30, and we can begin registration then. Please be at the courts by 6:30 if possible; we will be practicing the dance informally before the official Thrill the World time at seven pm!

The Portland Zombie Walk is on October 30th beginning at Hollywood Vintage, at 28th & NE Sandy. Folks will beginning gathering at noon, when the location is open, and the walk kicks off by one pm. We will do a Thriller dance at H. Vintage a little before the walk begins – probably no later than 12:45 pm.


We organize Thrill the World: Portland as a fundraiser for SMYRC, the Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center in NE Portland. We will gratefully accept donations to SMYRC at both Thrill the World, and the Zombie Walk.


Please help spread the word! If you want to hand out fliers, we’ll be happy to mail them to you, or you can pick them up from us. Email if you can help with this, or with any other form of promotion for TTW.

Much love,

Your Thrill Portland team


Thriller dance @ Last Thursday: the Plan.

The plan is simple: we’ll gather at 18th & NE Alberta at about 6:45 pm. Around seven pm, we’ll wander a bit until we find the best place to dance, and then we’ll Thrill!

I believe the street will be closed/blocked off, as long as it doesn’t rain. It’ll be dark, though, so we’ll be looking for a space that reasonably lit, and large enough, which may well just be in the middle of the street.

We’ll bring a boombox for music. If someone has a battery-operated boombox that you can pack in your car as a just-in-case back-up, that would be wonderful.

Costumes aren’t necessary. Glowsticks, reflector strips, anything that makes us more visible would be cool. If folks can take a couple of minutes to help pass out a few fliers for TTW:PDX after the dance, that would be awesome!

Thanks and much thrilllove,

Alan & Kate

Thriller dance at Alberta Street’s Last Thursday.

Hi all,

We’re painfully close to announcing a location. It’s imminent.  In the meantime, we’d like to organize a Thriller dance at Last Thursday, October 27th, to help promote our dancing the weekend following. It’s looking like Alberta Street will be closed that night, as long as it stays dry. Are you interested in being part of a smallish Zombie Dance Squad on Thursday, 10/27 at Last Thursday on Alberta? Email us if you are – We’d like to get ten to twenty people together to Thrill Last Thursday!

Thrill the World Portland: a benefit for SMYRC.

We organize Thrill the World Portland, aka TTW:PDX, as a fundraiser to benefit the Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center, here in Portland. Please check out the amazing programming SMYRC has at, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the donations people have made through TTW:PDX over the past five years.