Thrill Portland’s inaugural event: the fifth annual Thrill the World Portland!

Hi all,

Thanks for checking in with us here. Thrill the World Portland practices are underway!
Everyone is welcome to dance with us ~~ please help spread the word. Practices so far have been really great!
Here is the info we have so far:


As we did last year, we’re holding practices at Fremont UMC, 2620 NE Fremont in Portland. We’re grateful to FUMC for donating use of their space to us. The practices coming up are:

Saturday, October 15, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm – with Alan & Jamilah
Sunday, October 16, from 3-5 pm – with Schlyce
Friday, October 21, from 6-8 pm – with Alan & Jamilah
Sunday, October 23, from 3-5 pm – with Schlyce
Friday, October 28, from 6-8 pm – with Alan & Jamilah
This last practice, on the 28th, will have two sessions at once: Alan working with folks who want to practice the moves in sections, leading up performing the dance in full; while Jamilah works with folks who have the moves down, and want to run through the dance from start to finish without practicing individual steps.

You do not need to RSVP to attend practice. You don’t need to attend every practice, or even any of them. Training videos are available online (youtube and if you want to practice on your own. We are going to have some amazing instructors for dance practice this year.


We have no news yet. The official dance date, set by the Thrill the World organizers, is October 29th, at 7 pm. We are working on arrangements for a site, and we’ll announce it as soon as we’re able. The Portland Zombie Walk is on October 30th at noon, beginning at Hollywood Vintage, and we’re going to arrange a Thriller dance on that afternoon to accompany the Zombie Walk. More info as we get it!


We’re working this out, in tandem with the details of the dance itself.


Please help spread the word! If you want to hand out fliers, we’ll be happy to mail them to you, or you can pick them up from us. Email if you can help with this, or with any other form of promotion for TTW.

Please email us if you want to be off this mailing list.

Much love,
Your Thrill Portland team

Thrill the World Portland

TTW:PDX2011: Saturday, October 29, 2011


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