Thriller dance @ Last Thursday: the Plan.

The plan is simple: we’ll gather at 18th & NE Alberta at about 6:45 pm. Around seven pm, we’ll wander a bit until we find the best place to dance, and then we’ll Thrill!

I believe the street will be closed/blocked off, as long as it doesn’t rain. It’ll be dark, though, so we’ll be looking for a space that reasonably lit, and large enough, which may well just be in the middle of the street.

We’ll bring a boombox for music. If someone has a battery-operated boombox that you can pack in your car as a just-in-case back-up, that would be wonderful.

Costumes aren’t necessary. Glowsticks, reflector strips, anything that makes us more visible would be cool. If folks can take a couple of minutes to help pass out a few fliers for TTW:PDX after the dance, that would be awesome!

Thanks and much thrilllove,

Alan & Kate


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